5 Ways to Avoid Getting your Car Stolen

One of the worst feelings is having your personal stuff stolen. A purse, money, electronics…it’s just terrible. But your car is a whole different kind of awful, and Cash 4 Cars Cincinnati wants to help you avoid it at all costs.

We have seen cars with broken windows, smashed in doors and even cars missing all together. So what can you do to keep you from from being M.I.A? Here are some great tips, but make sure to check out the full articles, by clicking on the links, for even more tips.

5 Ways to Avoid Getting your Car Stolen:

  1. Keep it covered – Car thieves are always looking for a car out on the street. If you car isn’t on the street, it’s less likely to get stolen. For those of us who live in cities, this means renting a garage. It’s not the cheapest option, but it’s an investment in your car’s safety (from www.jalopnik.com).
  2. Alarm signals – Just like the “Protected by Brinks” signs in front of houses deter burglars, so do visual signs of a tougher job for a car thief. In a row of cars, the one with the blinking LED indicating an alarm is probably less likely to get stolen, regardless of whether the alarm actually exists or not (from www.jalopnik.com).
  3. Hide your title – Do not leave your vehicle title in the car. Too often a car thief is pulled over and gets away from the police because he or she can produce the auto registration. (If multiple drivers use the vehicle, the best suggestion would be to hide the registration in a secret location in the car that only the owners know (from www.geico.com).
  4. Put your valuables elsewhere – The number of times a victim told me they left their purse or other valuable item in their vehicle is disheartening. Take note: something like an iPad sitting on the passenger’s seat of your car is eye-candy to a criminal. Sadly, even loose change is enough for some people to break in. Once he’s smashed a window to snatch your iPad, he might just decide to go all the way and take your car. If you absolutely must leave a valuable item in your car, put it in the trunk. But beware, the bad guy may be watching you do so. Help prevent car theft by thinking ahead and leaving valuables at home (from www.safewise.com).
  5. Park in well-lit areas  – If your car is in shadows, then it was easier for us to break in to unnoticed. If you’re under a streetlamp, it felt too exposed. So park in well-lit areas. We never ever ever ever broke into a car that was in a well-lit area. Never. We only broke into cars that were in darkness (www.bluecollarworkman.com).