3 Ways to Prep Your Car to Sell

Cash 4 Cars Cincinnati will be there when you are ready to sell your car, let us know when your ready to have CASH in your hand. Even though we are buying from you, we want to make sure you get more for your car. So here’s some tips we want to share. Make sure to do these 5 steps and get the most CASH for your car. All you will have left to do, is call us so we can come to you and take your car off your hands!

3 Ways to Prep Your Car to Sell

  1. Wash and wax. – This sounds obvious to people who routinely clean their cars, but those who don’t may be surprised how well their vehicles clean up and shine. Cost? A few bucks if you do it yourself, $5-$20 for an automated car wash, or more for a hand wash/wax. ( from moneytalksnews.com)
  2. Get all your paperwork into order. – “Check that your service book is up to date, see if you can get hold of detailed service records and keep all receipts of recent work you’ve had done on the car (e.g. on the clutch or brakes). Have your licence and registration documents handy. Remember, if your car has been financed, the bank holds your registration document until the balance on the car has been settled. This process could take up to two weeks and you might lose a potential buyer if your paperwork isn’t ready.” (from santam.co.za)
  3. Bright lights – Nothing says “worn out beater” like dingy headlights. There are a number of headlight cleaning products on the market that can make those plastic headlight covers bright and clear in a matter of minutes. And many of these products really do work, said Lauren Fix of the Car Care Council.(from edition.cnn.com)