3 Car Maintenance Mistakes You’re Likely Making

If you love cars as much as we here at Cash 4 Car Cincinnati do, you are probably someone who maintains your car with regular maintenance and care. For that, we thank you! But what is necessary for cars to stay “healthy”, and what is considered a mistake, or in our eyes, a waste of your hard earned money?

Cash 4 Cars Cincinnati wants to share with our customers ways to save. Check out these money saving tips and make sure to let u know when your ready to part with your car. Our job is to offer you CASH for your car and make selling your car a pleasant and easy experience for you!


3 Car Maintenance Mistakes You’re Likely Making:

  1. Not changing the fuel and air filters. Filters are small, inexpensive parts to replace during regularly scheduled services, but when they get clogged, they can create a world of trouble. Dirty air or fuel filters can cause various sensors on a car to fail, resulting in a repair bill of hundreds of dollars. (From: www.bankrate.comRead full article.
  2. Not changing the oil on time. Oil changes are part of the regularly scheduled car maintenance intervals outlined in your car owner’s manual, but “on time” is relative, depending on the car you drive. The manufacturer may recommend changing the oil at specific intervals, sometimes as high as every 10,000 miles, or when an oil monitoring sensor indicates the oil is dirty. So, the first step in being “on time” is knowing what is recommended for your vehicle. Once you know the recommendations, make a reminder for yourself to schedule an appointment for your oil to be changed promptly.(From: www.bankrate.comRead full article.
  3. Using a Discount Mechanic . We all want to save a few bucks on car repairs, especially if what needs to be replaced is already expensive. But just like all doctors and lawyers are not created equal, neither are mechanics — and it’s in your best financial interest to know the difference. My rule of thumb when cost is a concern is generally to go middle of the road — not the cheapest, not the most expensive, but somewhere in the middle. (From:www.wisebread.com) Read full article.