Not So Born In The U.S.A.

For some of us car enthusiast, where a car is from is just as important as horsepower or model. We drive a Chevy because our dad, and his dad, drove a Chevy. We only buy Ford because there is no other for us. Hey, we get it, we love cars too!

Cars remind us of our family, and our heritage, and for so many of us, it is important to support the U.S.A. But are these cars that scream America really American? Do the parts and the labor happen in other countries, and the marketing just makes us think these cars are all created on our soil? According to USNews, the answer is they are not all American.

The recent report, from US News claims, “Many of the vehicles that we think are U.S.-made come from across our borders, including one from Australia that proudly wears a Chevy bow tie. There will soon be an SUV with a Buick nameplate arriving from China, and we already have a Jeep that hails from Italy.”

The Article, “American Cars That Really Aren’t American“, showcases 15 cars that are made elsewhere. Read the list below and make sure to read the article in full. And next time you see a tag that reads “Made in the USA”, grab a couple extra.

  1. Jeep Renegade
  2. Dodge Charger
  3. Cadillac XTS
  4. Lincoln MKT
  5. Chrysler Pacifica
  6. Chevorlet SS
  7. Ford GT
  8. Buick Envision
  9. Dodge Challenger
  10. Chevy Impala
  11. Ford Flex
  12. Buick Regal
  13. Ram 1500 Regular Cab and Crew Cab
  14. Chevrolet Silverado
  15. GMC Sierra